This is a difficult subject and one that many people don't always take seriously. But if you are going to invest in portraits that will be around for the rest of your life this is something you really should give some thought to.  The last thing we want is for you to hate your portraits 5 years from now simply because fashion moves on and you choose clothes that didn't stand the test of time. 


At a minimum avoid bold patterns and logos.  If you need to have a logo keep it small.  Logos can date your portrait and bold patterns are very distracting.  Things such as stripes, polka dots or large flowers will draw your attention which means the attention is taken away from faces.  In portraits faces should be the most prominent and important feature.  If you are with me for a group portrait this becomes even more important since different patterns on different people can conflict with each other causing even more distractions. 


For group portraits it is best if you can co-ordinate your clothes so that you don't clash with your group members.  That being said, gone are the days when we want everyone wearing exactly the same thing.  But sticking to similar shades and certainly dress code (ie smart casual, casual or indeed formal).  Having someone in jeans and t-shirt will look odd next to someone in suit and tie.  And having one member in black while the rest are in white will look equally as odd. 


Here is a link to our blog with sample images regarding clothing choices. 


For portraits of children and babies, I currently have a limited selection of clothes that includes tutus, dresses, tweed jackets and flat caps, as well as cloth nappies.  And this is a collection that I am continually growing and which you are welcome to choose from. 


Its always advisable to discuss with me your thoughts so I can advise you and help prepare you for your session. 


Most importantly though, make sure you are comfortable and happy with the clothes you choose. You don't just want to look good but you want to feel good too.