Throughout the process of establishing this business it was always a top priority to provide customers with something they couldn't create for themselves.  Nowadays anyone can be a photographer.  Everyone has a camera in one form or another.  So why pay for something you can do yourself. 

That is why I set out to create portraits of high quality and creativity that requires great skill and a passion for the craft that goes beyond clicking a button.  I aim to use my thorough knowledge of lighting to produce exciting and flattering portraits of all my subjects.  And I am always on the look out for new ideas that will provide a unique experience and a one of a kind finished portrait. 

I aim to go beyond the finished product to provide a complete service from start to finish.  I can guide you on clothing choices and portrait style as well as style and size of the finished products. 

My business is about a relaxed and very personal service where more often than not our clients become our friends.