My name is Christina Lauder. I am a Canadian who "still hasn't lost my accent" even after 25 years of living in England. And yes us Canadian's say sorry A LOT! Its in our blood.

I have a husband, a daughter, a stepdaughter and stepson. They're grown now but have all helped me become the photographer I am today, often there for me when I needed to practice.

I have an amazing dog named Blue. She is my first and I got her in lockdown (after about 4 years of thinking about it). I never realised how much love you can feel for an animal. In fact I find it hard to think of her as an animal. She's my baby and she has transformed my life. I've lost 4 stone, I now walk everyday and love being outdoors as much as possible, even in cold miserable weather, although Spring is my favourite season. I love the warmer days, lighter nights and seeing everything come to life.

My favourite singer/songwriter is Lewis Capaldi. He writes beautiful music and I love his confidence and sense of humour.

I became a photographer because I get so much joy from creating beautiful portraits. I get the greatest sense of achievement and pride from seeing them printed large and in frames to hang on someone's wall to be admired for years to come. This all started back when I was a kid and could get lost in old photos. I knew then that I wanted to be the one to make photos like those, for others to get lost in in the same way.

Oh, and I've won some awards, done plenty of speaking engagements sharing the work I do and I am a regular judge in various international photographic competitions. Being good at what I do is very important to me.

Sorry if I have gone on a bit but I hope this gives you a little insight as to who I am.