As a Canadian with close cultural connections with the US I see how cherished the teen years are over there in comparison to over here. Its an essential stage at which to record photographically and I find myself quite surprised that its not happening to the same extent over here. As such, it is my mission to make this just as important and as expected over here in the UK. 

Teenagers, are at a really special time in their lives, often getting ready to head out into the world and most certainly spending far less time at home with the family. My own daughter is reaching this stage so I can see from personal experience how important this time is for us. So of course I want to record this in as many ways as I can. Some are simple home snaps. Some are her own selfies and of course as a photographer, some are well thought out and planned special portraits that will provide incredible memories down the line. 

And this is what I did for this young lady here very recently. In celebration of her prom her mother booked her in for portraits where we created something about her as well as of her. When she came in to discuss her interests so I could plan her shoot she told me she loves music and is very much into her phone. With some of the things I had lying around the house I came up with the idea you see here. I will be using this for my own daughter too as this says a lot about her also. My daughter is never without her phone.  

This was also a great opportunity to photograph this young lady in her prom dress. I just know what when she is older she is going to love looking back on these photos and will cherish them so much more than even today. 

I cannot stress enough how valuable an experience this is and unfortunately its often not until it is too late that people realise.  I booked myself in for prom portraits when I was this age but my regret is that I never had something fun that was about me. All my portraits were formal. But still I love them and so glad I have them. 

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