Never Work With Children or Animals

Or so the saying goes. But I have to say that working with dogs has been so lovely. They have been almost entirely a dream to work with. I say almost entirely because we have had a few moments where a dog has needed to settle. And one moment where the dog had settled but one of my cats decided to have a look through the glass door which, as you can imagine, rather quickly unsettled the dog. Still, that didn’t stop us from creating incredible work.

In fact it was during that shoot with the cat instance when I created two of my favourite pieces, shown below.

(It was while sitting on the couch here when he noticed the cat peering through the curtain)

I don’t know if I’ve just been lucky or all dogs are just easy to work with. I photographed a french bull dog puppy and I thought that would be tough as he hadn’t had time to be properly trained yet. But he did everything we wanted in no time at all. And this included the props we used here (below), which to me seemed somewhat of a miracle.

As you can see here, we did a lot with him. This was just 3 of my favourites, we did many more than this.

I created portraits of this lovely Cavachon just last week and he was a dream too. Again, doing everything I asked without any fuss.

So because dogs are so easy and I thoroughly enjoy working with them I am running a promotion for the month of June. Book your session in June, which can take place after June and receive both the session and 5 mounted fine art prints for only £250. Thats a savings of £170 on my usual prices. (£50 payable at the time of booking with £200 due on collection of the order)

In case you are wondering what fine art prints are, they are high quality ink jet prints on cotton based paper, very different to standard lab prints. I am always told how stunning my prints are and how much they resemble a painting rather than a photograph. They really are something special.

If you have a cherished pet you would like photographed, you are not limited to just dogs, please get in touch. I’d love the chance to create something wonderful for you.


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