My Naturals Range

I’ve been meaning to experiment for quite some time with photographing children in their rooms. I was given the idea 2 years ago while at a photography convention and only now, during the Easter break have I finally got around to giving it a go. And even that was only because I had 3 children to look after and no chance of getting any work done.

Anyway, I am very thankful for this now though as I am thrilled with the images I got of my own kids in their rooms. I managed to achieve exactly what I set out to do. And I now have samples for both my website and my studio space. Not only that but I have now realised just how much fun this natural style of portraiture really is.

This style of photography allows me to work with minimun equipment which makes both myself and my subjects more comfortable. This will also allow me to get into smaller spaces without bulky equipment while also capturing some of the personal and often neglected aspects of a child’s upbringing.

I love working with nothing but a camera and a reflector. And natural light looks so rich and appealing it really is a joy to work with. I can’t wait to do more.

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