Rosemarie & Tony ~ We Meet Again

Last year I had the honour of photographing Rosemarie and Tony’s wedding. This year I had the honour of photographing them yet again for their website.

We spent a morning taking various images, bouncing ideas off each other to arrive at something we were all happy with. As is the case with most adults we had a barrier to break through in order to get shots that worked. I think most people come to a shoot with the belief that they don’t photograph well or they don’t know how to smile. Being in front of a camera is difficult. I don’t pretend that it is anything less than that. I myself do not like to be photographed which is why I am quite happy being the one who is almost always behind the camera. But in time, if we take our time, we can get even the most camera shy person to relax. And I believe that it is relaxing that will eventually get the images that look natural and flattering.

Rosemarie and Tony are the owners of Heterarchy, an interior architecture and design firm based in Leicester. Heterarchy, as a group of designers have a wealth of experience across all areas of their industry. We believe in them so much that we have enlisted their services for a new project of our own. You can find Heterarchy at
And I will keep you posted on our project, although won’t be mentioning it again until we get planning permission. I’m too superstitious to talk about it before we have the go ahead to go ahead. I really hope I haven’t said too much already.

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