Intruducing Baby Dolly!

Recently I had the privillege of establising an affiliation with Baby Dolly, specialists in Antenatal Care. Baby Dolly, based in Hinckley and run by founder Lucy Dolly, carries out antenatel courses for both private and NHS clients.  They also conduct baby massage classes.  Their services include such things as TENS and birth pool hire and an online shop for a multitude of useful products for both during and after pregnancy.  They even offer a cool Pick and Pack Labour bag.  It almost makes me wish I could get pregnant again.  Well actually I could get pregnant again but my husband would kill me. 

I was lucky enough to find Lucy through the schools work I do and we just seemed a natural fit.  We can both help each other out by passing on referrals and I can of course also help Lucy with her photographic needs.  So the first task at hand was to provide some much needed team photos which I was all to happy to provide.

Estabilishing relationships such as this is the aim for us in 2011.  The more relationships with local business that we can establish the better off we will be.  This will help us not only to increase business but also by providing us with a new network of people we can call on to fulfil our needs as well.  I’m really looking forward to creating more of these useful and hopefully fun, links in future. 

If you have a business you feel could have a mutual benefit for us both please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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