Baby Daisy Annabelle

I just love it when I have returning clients.  And this one has been to me loads, for baby bumps, newborns, and toddlers.  Now she returns with her second baby and thankfully adhered to our recommendation of under 2 weeks, as by week 3 she was wide awake for much of the day.  Much of these portraits would not have been possible. 

I have to admit that Daisy was harder than the others to get into this pose.  We had such a short window of opportunity here.  Her strong little arms wouldn’t let us put her into this position properly so she kept falling out of it.  But we got other lovely poses anyway and 2 images in this position that I love. 

Hands and feet are something else I love to photograph when I’m working with babies.  They are just so cute and tiny.  They make great filler for albums too. 

I think capturing these details at such an eary stage is so important.  They change so quickly at this age.  Within weeks they often look like entirely different babies.  They are this tiny for such a short period of time.  I like to capture something that can remind us of how little they once were. 

In a couple of months I’ll be photographing Daisy with her big brother Freddie.  A toddler and a 3 month old should be fun.  If I don’t blog about them then it didn’t work.  Fingers crossed that it does. 

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