Once again I have been selected to present Masterclasses for the Societies annual convention in London next January, 2018. I will be presenting 2 and they are as follows:

Photoshop for Beginners to Intermediate - Friday January 12th, 2018 18:30-20:30:

This masterclass would be aimed at the newer users to provide a better understanding of editing mainly portrait work. We will start at the beginning, introducing all the main features of Photoshop, covering things such as basic navigation within the software, the use of layers and layer masks, adjustment layers, liquify, paint tools, text options, patch and healing tools, and as much as we can cram into the allotted time. We will address applying textures, expanding backgrounds, skin retouching and some useful tips. This class will provide a solid foundation providing those new to Photoshop a comfortability factor that will get them well on their way. They will leave with the ability to do the basic and most common but essential edits and page layouts. It will be a great way to either start or expand your use of Photoshop.

A Lighting Demonstration suitable for beginner to Intermediate - Sunday January 14th, 2018 10:00-12:00:

Using 2 teenage girls as the subject and Bowens exciting Generation X lighting equipment we will create a variety of portraits that will showcase possibilities for the social photographer. We will do not just basic portraits but will take into consideration a variety of compositions and subject matter, from standard head and shoulder portraits, to full length and fine art type portraits which will include a dance element to allow us to use light creatively and artistically. We will work mainly with simple two light setups while creating beautiful pieces and work our way up to 4 light setups where appropriate.